Pretty Stones Wholesale has established a reputation for selecting and stocking a truly exceptional range of the finest crystal and mineral specimens in the United Kingdom. Over a period of many years, close relationships have been established with expert Brazilian artisans. We also work with special producers around the world. All of these craftsmen operate to a strict Government code with the utmost emphasis placed on the environment and stringently adhered to working conditions.


We are proud to offer a collection of minerals that include Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Agate, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Malachite, Labradorite and many others. Our collection is comprised of Geodes, Angels, Hearts, Spheres, Points, Tumbled stones and much more. We also specialize in hand crafted Pendants and Pendulums. Working with small craftsmen, we select from their top tier specimens, therefore the crystal you have chosen is the best example from many other alternatives.


At our unit in Cambridge you are assured of a big welcome and be prepared to be dazzled with the stunning array of specimens from around the world. Our customers often say they are the most impressive minerals of this type in the UK.
New stock arrives regularly and you are welcome to join our Newsletter. We will notify you regarding newly arrived specimens to ensure that you have the first pick of the crystals and minerals of your specific interest.


With many years of selecting on site in Brazil and others countries, we have created an exclusive range of minerals.
Our stock from Brazil includes Amethyst in various forms, such as Geodes, Druze and Spheres. We offer Agate slices and Bookends, Rock Crystal in various forms, such as Points both polished and natural. We also offer Tourmaline, Epidote, Emerald and Kyanite specimens, to name only a few.
From elsewhere in the world, we specialize in high quality Malachite in carved Animals, Free form and beautiful Gemstone boxes. Labradorite, in popular sizes, contrasts nicely with our Fossil wood and Ammonite selection. Also, we have a superb selection of Lapis Lazuli in Free form, Hearts and Spheres.
Special one-off crystals are available in various shapes, such as Platonic Solids, Stars, Merkabas and Vogel Wands. Additionally, we are famous for our Phantom and Rutile Quartz!

To conclude, our hand crafted Pendant range is considered to be one of UK’s most stunning and original selection.

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Photos: Colin Milner – Walker


Please telephone to arrange your appointment to visit our unit in Cambridge. Alternatively, please email your phone number and we will call you.

We are delighted to see new customers and there is no minimum order. Our opening hours are flexible to suit the needs of our customers.

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